Consulting Services

Strategic and tactical advice on how to best utilise data and analytics to solve large, complex, unstructured and data-rich problems sustainably.


"Successful statistical consultants help their clients create useful models (hypotheses, theories) and isolate pivotal issues, the resolution of which lead to further advances."
William G. Hunter



We at Statoo Consulting know that all your activities are subject to uncertainty and that you have to make decisions in this environment. We offer you expertise by applying the latest technology and by taking care and advise on your questions.

Data can be the assets of your company. If you are drowning in data, our ants can advise you on how to dig the gold out of your company's data, independent of the sector your company is situated in. 

Statoo Consulting offers since 2001 expert data and analytics (e.g. statistics, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence) consulting for a wide variety of disciplines, and we apply, recommend and/or explain to you the concepts, principles, methods and tools that are appropriate for your questions.

Statoo Consulting can give you strategic and tactical advice on how to best utilise data and analytics concepts, principles, methods and tools, and to integrate them with information technology and other relevant sciences to generate improved and substainable results and to enable continuous improvement.

At Statoo Consulting we tailor our services to your goals. We listen and we partner with you. We will work with you to analyse issues, arrive at answers and execute solutions. We know that this is the best way to fully understand your needs. It is our mission to surpass your expectations.

We at Statoo Consulting have excellent language skills (fluent in EnglishFrench and German) to better serve your needs. In addition, we are experts with statistical softwares such as R, Statistica and many more.

Interested in our consulting services? Are you drowning in uncertainty and starving for knowledge? Interested to get Statooed? Have a question about our consulting services? Contact us to allow us to help you.